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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 28, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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eric and kristen? >> let's go 49ers, waking up in new orleans to begin the march to, hopefully, a sixth super bowl title for the team. katie marzullo is live in the big easy with all of the excitement. katie, are the players awake and having breakfast? >> i wish i knew, kristen. i assume they are doing what they need to be doing right now. as we report, crews are on the street and switching out what were banners that said "we are jazzed you are here," but now they read "super bowl." the signs are all over. it is fun to see and it is festivity and innocent feeling in the morning with the sun, the wind is blowing, it is warm and nice. last night the 49ers arrived. we have video of them landing at airport. they held a news conference and were all business.
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the coach said the team has character, has talent and heart but when asked about distractions the players will fair in the big easy, one player said this for the fellow teammates. >> just like any other big city, you can find your problems if you look, know, i stress to the guys, if you have any doubt whether you should be doing something, you probably shouldn't be doing it. that is what you have to remember. >> that could be good advise to life for all of us. thank you, jonathan. so it is up to the fans to enjoy everything that new new orleanss to offer. some are getting warmed up with
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the festivities last night. i heard this week is referred to as "super gras "not full mardi gras but mardi gras season but lots of reason to get excited. but the 49ers are here to play and win and coming up we will hear from coach harbaugh and kaepernick how they see this week account game going on sunday. live in new orleans if abc7 news. >> abc7 has an entire team at the super bowl and she will continue her live reports all morning but sports director larry beale and abc7 news report wayne freedman are not big easy and mike shumann has his own super bowl ring and is out there, as well, today. together they will bring you the best coverage all week long and we will be tweeting all of our behind the scenes updates at abc7 news bay area. >> new this morning, the san
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francisco race nope for its crazy costumes and inebriated runners has new trouble. amy joins us live from howard treats. this is just four months before the big race takes place. >> not good timing. the problem is there is not a lot of time to recover. according to the "san francisco chronicle", we they have dropped out as the sponsor and the redwood city company did not explain, saying "no comment" to the paper. this would have been their third year as a sponsor of the race, which has had recent troubles maintaining sponsorship. they were the 3rd sponsor in 10 years. it is expensive. it costs from $250,000 to $500,000. it is also a controversial race. residents have complained about
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the drinking on the race and what a nuisance it has become for the neighborhood. the general manager of the race down plays this saying that they will go on, with or without a sponsor. it is set to start right here may 19, next to the bay, and wind its way through the city and end at the breakers of ocean beach. >> amy, thank you. a judge will decide where a man accused of killing seven will undergo treatment. the 44-year-old juan go will go to a state mental hospital after facing murder charges over the shooting massacre at the university in oakland last april. go was a student at the school and the prosecution believes he may have targeted an administrator who was not through that day. he is held in county jail right
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now. >> investigators will look to see what caused a fire at a comedy club. the scene was captured on friday evening with flames gutted the theater in downtown fairfield. no one was hurt. crews weapon the films from -- crews kept the flames from spreading to the nearby buildings. >> now here is a live look at the golden gate bridge with no problems there. weather-wise, what do we face? mike has the full accweather profit and we will check with sue and the traffic center. >> the florida man acquitted of her kill her daughter and now casey anthony has new trouble
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ought latest temperatures are in. we have upper 30's around los gatos and san jose and fairfield and napa and santa rosa and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 30's but san francisco and half moon bay in the upper 40's. this afternoon, mid-to-upper 50's, but it will be breezy for another day. the next three days, it will be the same tomorrow and warmer on
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wednesday and thursday. >> now the antioch commute, highway 4, westbound, the abc7 traffic app the red line is showing slow speeds from hillcrest with heave traffic westbound highway 4, and you can download this at apple app and google play with a system-wide delay for the capital corridor train. service now is resumed between davis and sacramento but delays are 30 to 90 minutes. everyone else is on time including bart and muni. >> the florida mother acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old is bankrupt. a tv station reports she filed for bankruptcy on the same day on appeals court tossed out two convictions against her. it is believed she is between 500,000 and $1 million in debt with most of that stemming from fees for her legal team and private investigators. a florida jury acquitted anthony of murdering her daughter back
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in 2011. >> caught on camera: see what happens when a runaway snowmobile crabs into a crowd of onlookers at the x games. >> but, turning the page on a new business strategy, what barnes and noble has plans to make it
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>> san rafael and south bay and all the bay area, the winds have been slowly calming through the morning. our fastest behind is at 18 at half moon bay and novato is at 9
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miles per hour at sfo and fairfield, and everyone else is calm. the winds will pick up in the afternoon and you can see a fast jet stream above us and when the sun comes us we are in the 30's to mid-40's and in the 50's with the breezes kicking up at noon and mid-to-upper 50's this afternoon under clouds and chilly this afternoon and upper 40's low 50's. >> new this morning, the local barnes & noble bookstore may not be on the next few years. the "wall street journal" reports the company is planning on shutting down up to a third of their stores the neck decade which is 30 store closings each year. they operate 700 stores. the downsizing is in response to the growing popularity of e-weeders and other digital formats. >> toyota is taking back the crown for the top selling car company. the japanese automaker announced they sold 9.5 million vehicles,
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enough to make it the top selling car company. toyota has the title from 2008 to 2010 but lost it to general motors in 2011. negative publicity tied to recalls along with the japanese earthquake and tsunami slowed down sales. overall sales are up 22 percent from a year ago. >> the recent trouble surrounding the boeing 787 dreamliner are not stopping boeing from ramping up production. the company confirms over the weekend it plans on doubling production for the dreamliner by the end of the year, stopping production is costly for both boeing and the suppliers and right now they have ordered for 800 boeing 787 dreamliner. >> across the countries there could be an extra charge if you pay with credit with a new credit card surcharge allowing per chans to pass on fees to customers. many merchants are not expected to pass off the charges but those that do will add 2 percent
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to 3 percent to credit card receipts. california is one of ten states that ban the surcharges and the surcharge is part of a settlement after a long legal battle between merchants and credit card companies. for more on what this fee means to consumers, stay with able and "good morning america" will have more on this at 7:00 a.m. >> gun control is the topic with top law enforcement officials who have dealt with recent mass shootings. president obama and vice president biden are scheduled to meet with the police chief of newtown, connecticut, where 20 were killed in a school shooting. the police chief from aurora, california, will be there, as well. >> now the forecast. >> we will look outside, open up the weather window so you know what to expect. from our roof camera on the embarcardero, you can see it is
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quiet. a little bit of a breeze. but you expect that here in san francisco. headed deeper in the open on live doppler 7 hd, it is skipping on m st. helena but no radar run so it is a dry start this morning and, now, what is happening? you can see the wind flow from the north and it will break-in to two parts, well, we. have two areas of concern for precipitation, in the mountains and over the ocean, and we will be in between both of those today with clouds and sunshine, and more wind than we had or have right now this morning. the temperatures have been updated with the 6:00 camera and you can see the upper 30's to low 40's but san francisco and half moon bay are in the mid-to-upper 40's. 42 in monterey. mid-to-upper 30's for the rest of the monterey bay and inland. cool breezes, a chance of a shower, over the ocean, today,
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warming trend starts tomorrow and it will be robust on thursday, friday, and saturday and we will try to make a run at 70 with no strong storms in the forecast for at least this week, possibly next week, so the dry spell will continue. the jet stream is progressive, all the way to the arctic circle and down into the tropic and we are on the front side of this, so we are getting the cold air but when we get into wednesday and thursday on the back side of the high we get warmer weather here and the best chance of showers over the ocean is not a great chance today. we will have sunshine and a few clouds and cool temperatures today in the mid-to-upper 50's. tomorrow, we have sunshine. mid-to-upper 50's, again. upper 50's and low 60's on wednesday. and low-to-mid 60's on thursday and mid-to-upper 60's for friday and saturday. have a great day. >> bumper to bumper, a solid
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stream of headlights moving from el cerrito and richmond through berkeley this is the east shore commute, about 40 miles per hour moving to the macarthur maze and when you reach the bay bridge, here is what we have, metering lights are on, and traffic is backing solid beyond the first overcrossing to the 880 overcrossing and into the macarthur maze, sluggish on the inline into san francisco. system-wide capital corridor delays remain and an early trespassing incident between sacramento and davis is cleared but residual delays up to 90 minutes. automatic other mass transit is on time. a water main break in hayward that is almost under control. 580 and over the altamont pass, 30 minutes into dublin/pleasanton and 20 minutes from hillcrest to concord on westbound four and into the
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macarthur maze, just over 20 minutes. >> 6:20. ahead is our coverage of the 49ers super bowl appearance continuing and meet the fan already celebrating in the big easy. >> coming up first, caught on camera, the extreme stunt that went all wrong at the x games. >> today on "katie" there is a lot of talk about notre dame, manti te'o who said he fell for a woman on land saying he fell victim to an elaborate hoax. there are pranksters all over the internet that use fake social media profiles to steal their victims' heart and sometimes their money the it is easy to be deemed and meet someone who
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through the tahoe area. >> incredible escape for a motorcycle rider. >> look at that, a surveillance video captured a big rig entering an intersection and overturning just as the motorcycle rider stopped he jumped off the bicycle and narrowly missed getting crushed. no one was hurt. he is 509 look. no word on what caused the big rig to overturn. this area's x games wrapped up in colorado but now withdrew a care a runaway snow mobile crashed into the crowd. it happened last night, australian jackson was attempting a back flip on a snowmobile but he lost control and the snowmobile smashed into the nearby crowd. you can see it right there. a spectator was hit and had to go to the hospital but the injuries are not serious.
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>> the screen actors guild handed out the awards which are usual listenation calf academy award brother expects. it is good news for jennifer lawrence. >> i have this naked statue that means that some of you even vote god me and that is undescribable feeling. thank you. >> daniel day-lewis took the stop acting honor. >> it was an actor that murdered abraham lincoln...and, therefore, somehow it is only fitting that now and then an actor tries to bring him back to life. >> "modern family" won best come by and anne hathaway won best supporting actress for les
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miserables in a movie. and the oscars are less than a month away and you can see who wins on sunday, february 24, when the oscars are live only on abc7. >> teenagers, alcohol, and commercials, ahead at 6:30 the reason parents may want to pay closer attention to the tv their children are watching. >> but, first, an early disaster not big easy we found one 49ers fan celebrating the super bowl appearance. >> brothers lose their lives in a terrible car accident. >> backed at the bay bridge at 6:26, and metering lies are on and traffic is backed to the macarthur maze with a couple of problem on surface treats of problem on surface treats thatat embassy suites, you get e delicious moreness every morning
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>> live from the kgo kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:29, and this is from our cameras in east bay hills you can see the bay bridge hills and the lights are moving and everything is okay. what we need to do is look at the forecast. i am eric thomas. >> nice to know what you are in store for. mike? >> good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler 7 hd, do not need the wet weather or umbrella, but there are a few clouds passing over with partly cloudy morning, and temperatures are running from 35 inland to 45 around san francisco and out at the coast and notice by the
6:29 am
afternoon hours there is a stray shower possible at the coast and the rest of us will be partly cloudy at 50 to 59 and the breezes will taper with a cloud or two but a lot of stars and 46 to 52 for the evening temperatures. enjoy. sue? >> the san mateo bridge, if you go from the toll plaza on the hayward side over the flat section and to foster city it is busy at 17 minutes from hayward to foster city westbound. the eastbound side is faster. san mateo bridge is looking good, and this is a traffic app, highway 37, at vallejo from the bridge, very, very slow this morning, as you move toward novato, our abc7 traffic spotter is showing speeds of seven to eight miles per hour.
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ouch. this app is free at apple app and google play to navigate your commute. we will look, now, we had a power hit a power pole and the intersection is blocked and signal lights are out. in hayward, there is a water main break flooding the northbound lane of the avenue so the road is shut down because of the water main break. >> thank you. we have developing news on peninsula, we learned that two of the three people killed in a car accident in foster city are just 12 and 16. cornell bernard joins us live from the scene. >> three members of the same family were in the car, one of them is fighting for his life this morning, two lanes are eastbound 92 re-opened a short time ago following the terrible crash, the aftermath remains here, and a damaged guardrail
6:31 am
and a toppled light pole and c.h.p. says it happened when a car with five people riding inside struck the guardrail on the foster city boulevard off-ramp about 9:45 and flipped over. the impact killed an 18-year-old including two brothers, 16 and 12. >> for unknown reasons the vehicle lost control. it went off the roadway and struck the guardrail on the side of the freeway and it overturned striking a metal light utility pole and rested on the roof. >> c.h.p. is investigating exactly why it happened. two people, including a 21-year-old driver, were injured and one of them, the 18-year-old, older brother of the two that were killed, is in critical condition at stanford medical officer. all victims are from redwood city and san mateo. c.h.p. also looking for anyone who may have witnessed this crash last night. if you have information, call
6:32 am
the c.h.p. we are live in's step city for abc7 news. >> thank you very much. highway patrol is investigating a fatal accident that shut down a stretch of interstate 80 in el cerrito last night. a woman drying a black s.u.v. lost control of the vehicle, pit the center median and the vehicle overturned and a passenger was thrown out of it and died. four other people include the driver were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> 49ers hit the practice field in new orleans to kickoff their super bowl week and katie marzullo will be in new orleans all week with live reports on what the team and the fans are up to. also, with the city, and what the crews are up to. >> good morning, we are live on capital street in front of the 49ers' hotel. all decked out, no misstating, the team that is there with a lot of fans waiting to see the team come and go.
6:33 am
the quaterback kaepernick said they will have the same routine this week as if they were in san francisco. association whatever the team would be doing monday night in san francisco that is what they are doing right now. they arrived last night and we have video at the airport getting east plane and everybody was decked out in their gear and then they held a news conference and the coach said that kaepernick deserved at a lot of credit. being here for the super bowl and kaepernick said it is all about the team. >> it is exciting. it is exciting. we have a great, great thrill and a great desire to be in unchartered waters. >> it is like a family. we are around here over more than we are around anyone else. so, the time we spend together, the hard work we put in together, it will build a close
6:34 am
team. >> the fans are trickling in and we caught up with a man who lived in utah but is a huge 49er fan and he does not have tickets to the super bowl and he was on a cruise on vacation and thought he would swing through so the support could be shown before he heads back out. speaking of the coach, the guys have talent, character, and they have hearts and that is how they will lay on sunday, but of course we have our own team, so stay with channel seven for the coverage and the good stuff, the juicy stuff, the behind-the-scenes picture and information will be on facebook and twitter so check that out i hosted on facebook my dinner which was a shrimp po boy and seafood we gumbo and my eyes were better than my stomach so now i have half of a po into sandwich in my hotel room i will let you know how it takes a day
6:35 am
after when i get to that. >> katie marzullo, if you cannot be that we would love it, send it to us. abc7 has an entire team with talent and heart, katie marzullo will continue her live reports all morning, and larry beil and wayne friday man are in the big easy, and mike shumann, a former 49er with his very own super bowl ring is flying out to new orleans, so, together, they will write -- bring you the best coverage and we will tweet all the good behind-the-scenes stuff. >> this morning, 9ers quaterback smith could be ready to seek his release before a free agency begins in march according to the website we on pro football talk. he will, it is believed, the 49ers will trade him.
6:36 am
it is said smith could seek the relief before the tart of free agency so he can join any deem he wants. >> traffic and weather, together, are next on the abc7 morning news, and a live look outside, at the san mateo bridge with tail lights headed west and traffic is moving fine. >> teens and alcohol, the one thing that may make them more thing that may make them more likely to drin3 days of walking
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>> and now the visibility, nothing to worry about if that respect. no fog this morning, just a few high clouds and it will be a beautiful sunrise.
6:39 am
we will have lows tonight cooler than this morning in the mid-to-upper 30's inland and low-to-mid 40's around bay. we will be cooler before we start the warming trend. today is breezy and a shower is possible over the ocean with temperatures in the mid-to-upper per 50's in the afternoon. >> back to the san mateo bridge, it looks good with for delays moving to foster city but try before the toll plaza westbound stalled big rig blocking the lane of traffic so you may find slowing to the hayward side. in san jose northbound 101 the 880 overcrossing traffic is light moving not on 101 and system-wide delays for capital corridor with an early trespasser problem a train hit a person on the tracks. it is cleared but that has left
6:40 am
residual delays. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, research suggests that exposing teens for alcohol ads can promote underage drinking. a survey asked students in 7ing to 10th about exposure to commercials for commercial and how much they enjoyed the ads. exposure and liking them influenced the underage drinking and increased the development of alcohol-related problems. >> call it monkey business, coming up next, a space milestone iran has reached overnight. >> trading is underway right now on wall street with the big board showing the dow jones industrial average is up 17 pointsús
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>> walnut creek and campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning. these are the high temperatures. they are cooler than they should be but close to yesterday at 55 at livermore, a cool spot. oakland and napa at 59. 57 in san jose. and morgan hill. it is dry across most of the state with a few showers to the north. a few showers and high mountain snow showers to the south and low 60's for palm springs and los angeles and mid-to-upper 50's through the central valley and 30's in the sierra. >> thank you very much. 6:45, breaking news from brazil, police have made three arrests in the deadly nightclub fire. the "wall street journal" is identifying those arrested as the owner of the kiss nightclub
6:44 am
and two performers. authorities are looking for a 4th but they not saying who it is, 230 people have died. it is believed to have started when a band lit flares on stage with ignited the ceiling. a band member is among the dead. firefighters say they had trouble getting inside the club because of the bodies blocking the entrance. >> iran says they sent a monkey into space. iranian state tv says it was on a rocket that went 72 miles up and the monkey returned safely. iran will send an astronaut in space and the united states is concerned iran could use the space program to develop long-range nuclear missiles. >> president obama is publicly praising secretary of state, hillary clinton as one of his closest advisor stopping short of endorsing her for president in 2016 sitting down with secretary of state, hillary clinton, last night on "60 minutes" and said how their
6:45 am
relationship has evolved but brushed off questions of her political future. >> you guys in the press are incorrigible. i was literally inaugurated four days ago and you are talking about elections four years from now. >> i don't think either he or i can make predictions about what will happen tomorrow or the next year. >> the president says he proposed the joint interview with the outgoing secretary of state because he wanted to publicly say "that you" for all of her hard work. always u.s. supreme court justice sotomayor will be in san francisco today and the justice is stopping at the theater son van ness to discuss her new best selling memoir. she made history in 2009 when she became the first hispanic and third woman appointed to the high court.
6:46 am
>> a bipartisan group of senators will lay out a plan to overall immigration, including a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants and strengthening border security. tomorrow, president obama heads to las vegas with his own immigration reform plans. >> watch for surprises if you are sharing video on twitter. >> investors are watching apple again this morning. we will check now with jane king at the new york stock exchange. gin? >> hello, apple is a bit higher but there was drama the last minute of trading on friday with a sharp drop in the stock, and $800,000 worth of -- rather, shares worth $300 million sold in the last minute of trading. so, quote a day for apple. we are seeing 1.5 percent gain.
6:47 am
also, investors are waiting to hear from the c.e.o. of yahoo with their stock up 30 percent. this is no comprehensive strategy but investors are liking what she is doing. the markets show quiet, and a stealthy rally, but we have not noticed because we have had minor gains here and there but the dow is almost at 14,000, and the silicon valley index is trading up half a percent. and facebook could owe you money because of a class action lawsuit if it used your story. if you have received a legal notice of class-action lawsuit, you can file online and i have a link on my twitter. if too many claim and there is not enough money to go around it goes do charity. you and a new app lets users
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record, edit and share six second videos, but some users have united porn, but twitter has long affirmed the site is sensorship free except when it and illegal. >> thank you very much at 6:4,000. -- at 6:43. >> we will have no chance of rain outside today along the coast and over the ocean, and hardly a cloud from here as we look to the southeast from our camera across the bay bridge and to fremont and it looks really nice there. our seven-day outlook shows a few high clouds and seeing the dry air, the form of no radar runs right now. now a look at big picture, the storm is coming from the north, it is a weak storm that will hit the mountains and the coast more
6:49 am
than it will the rest of us, now, temperatures, dress the kids upper 30's to lower 40's, and 46 in antioch, and around the bay shore we have upper 30's to mid-40's and upper 40's for half moon bay and san francisco, and 42 at monterey and everyone else is mid-to-upper 30's inland. the biggest parts of this forecast show cool breezes, ocean showers, today, and a warming trend tomorrow, all the way through saturday and no strong storms for at least a couple of weeks. if we get rain it will be limited and nickel and dime variety. high pressure is steering the jet stream for the north and drag the cold air and breezes upon us, yesterday and today. on the flip side of the cold, it is usually cold but on the back side, coming from the south, you get the warmer weather and that will happen deeper into the
6:50 am
forecast. this morning, you can see the best chance for showers is over the ocean and they are still over the ocean but there is not a lot of them headed in the afternoon hour, and we will see sunshine today and breezy so it will feel cooler with temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. in monterey, mid-to-upper 50's for you and headed to morgan hill. the coldest night in the forecast is tonight with mid-to-upper 30's and upper 30's to low 30's and mid-40's for san francisco and half moon bay. now, our accweather seven-day forecast shows the same tomorrow, with more sunshine and not so breezy and upper 50's to low 60's on wednesday, and high clouds and sunshine for friday, and saturday, and we will hit the low-to-upper 60's and try to get to 70 in a few spots. >> an accident at mountain view
6:51 am
with the left lane affected with slow traffic moving northbound. palo alto, at ventura, a fire and palo alto police are requesting traffic control in the area so you it are in that area, expect delays. system-wide delays on capital corridor after an issue in davis and sacramento but bart is on time but now we have caltran delay at 15 minutes late leaving san jose. we are looking at marin county, southbound, 101, moving into san rafael it is moving nicely to golden gate bridge, that is nice and clear into san francisco. kristen and eric? >> ahead, the beginning of super bowl week and well check with katie marzullo, live in new orleans, and the abc7
6:52 am
6:53 am
>> the 49ers are in new orleans and today the team will hold their first super bowl practice. >> covering its all is abc7 news reporter, katie marzullo, good morning, katie. >> good morning, kristen and eric. we are in front of the team motel and in the last few minutes the buses have arrived, lined up in, to take the team on their way today. we are waiting to watch the players. you can see the police barricades are up. no one is get that close to the players. we watched as the police officer with a k-9 unit came through and swept all the buses for security reasons. when everything is safe and clear and the players come down, they will be off to start their first full day in new orleans arriving last night and they held a press conference, a couple of things from the key players, coach harbaugh says
6:54 am
kaepernick is a credit for why the team is here and he says that the team is like a family and the center goodwin says the team better behave because if anything seems like it is not a good idea, it sunday, so stick with that plan. as for the fans, they are often their own, and one was here last night but we expect to see a lot more red and gold as the week goes on in new orleans. >> such tough duty, katie, go get some coffee with jhicory. >> that sounds great, and now, mike nicco, we have good weather. >> we do. not the 59 degrees that katie marzullo woke up to, though. live doppler 7 hd shows a file high clouds and more clouds out here over the ocean where if we have showers that is where they would be, if we are sending
6:55 am
anyone outside have them dressed for the 30's and a few 40's and it is mild come -- compared to last week at this time. >> back to the san mateo bridge, where we have first reports, you can see there is no traffic headed westbound. a big rig is stuck if the wrong lane and they understood do a temporary traffic brake to get that cleared to the right lane so traffic is stopped westbound bay bridge for the time being. can you expect major delays there administration the commute wear on. to the toll plaza metering lights are on and delays to the macarthur maze. heavy traffic into san francisco on the upper deck and an accident 101. >> san mateo bridge, westbound, blocked, bay bridge, okay. thank you.
6:56 am
captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
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good morning, america. happening now, a snowy, icy mess to begin the workweek, from washington to boston. freezing rain setting up a dangerous, slippery commute.
6:59 am
a half-inch of ice on the ground already in the midwest. but hold on. springlike temperatures are just hours away. lovefest. the president and hillary clinton in a revealing and rare, joint interview, has everyone reading the tea leaves. >> we're both glutton for punishment. >> what his high praise, the first time that she is his pick for 2016? and breaking now, a major breakthrough on immigration. we have brand-new details. midair lightning emergency at 30,000 feet. the airliner hit with massive flashes caught on camera from all angles. the flaming jet streaking through the sky. how the pilots kept control in the middle of chaos. "argo"-naut. ben affleck at the s.a.g. awards. and jennifer lawrence's dress coming apart as she wins best actress.


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